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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dental treatments have the aim to improve the appearance of teeth. The main focus is to improve the quality and life of your teeth so that they will be with you in your old age also. So, let discuss when and why you need the Dental Treatments: When you are eating and going out you have to eat something which is hard for your teeth at that time you need Dental Treatment and when you see that your beautiful smile is covered with yellowish then may you feel less confidence at that time you need this Dental Treatment of you can call Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments we offer:

  1. Discoloured teeth: Your teeth can change due to the material you use like coffee, coke etc. But if you did not brush on time or if you left it on more than one day it will start damaging your teeth appearance. If your teeth are not white then you need teeth whitening treatment for your teeth to improve your appearance in your surroundings.
  2. Repair Cracks: It occurs due to eating any hard food and suddenly the part of your tooth gets cracked due to this you will face a problem of appearance and may you eat the food and feel pain. Crack teeth can get repaired quickly but it just needs to be cared for a lot after getting proper treatment.
  3. Fill Gaps Between Teeth: When you feel the food is stuck between your teeth which means the gap in your teeth is increasing the space. If you want to fix the gap which is called cosmetic treatment in line of dentistry by using dental veneers. Our Affordable Dental Care is open for you for the treatment of cosmetic dental.
  4. Correct Overcrowding: For correct overcrowding, most people use metal braces which are best for it. This is the best material which is used for correct overcrowding and we provide this treatment which will be done by the best professional and you will get the best response and feel after the treatment is done and you will feel more confident also.
  5. Reshape Teeth: When the dentist starts the process of reshaping teeth they first remove the enamel with laser and also take an x-ray to know the size and location and also search for bone which supports the teeth.
  6. Replace Missing Teeth: Dental implant is the best option when you want to replace the tooth. This includes surgically mounting where they put a frame to control the upper and lower jaw.
  7. Filling: It is the most common service that every third person faces in his life as it is done when you have cavities and to remove that cavity doctor fill the space with some material it processes included no pain and easily done.



In Affordable Dental Care, our team sees patients and their brilliant healthy smiles after treatment feel happy and the highlight of the day. Sometimes the orthodontics, a veneer can transform your dramatic smile to the real confident smile. A set of veneers are very useful as they help you in correcting chips and stand and also it deeply clean and remove the discoloured teeth. But in the process of veneers, you have to alter the length and size of teeth so that it gives the best results and all make your teeth straight teeth also. It is mostly used by the dentist for their patients whenever they come to find their healthy smile and want a smile makeover. Veneers are the mixture of dental art and science and also have beautiful contributions of handcrafted and customized to fit your smile. These veneers look like paper-thin pieces and porcelain bonds to the outside of your true or natural teeth. Veneers are a very good and best versatile technique which makes your teeth smile into a healthy and strong smile.


Cavities and small fractures are the reason behind the large and dangerous issues which can occur if you do not give time to your teeth. In the past, the technique was used called silver fillings which are made of metal restoration. It served a need but also left some side effects like discoloured and strained. Now modern technology increases their step toward the next level and introduces the tooth-coloured composite resins blend into the tooth structure. The chemically bonded tooth will be stronger and get prepared for a lifetime. Composites provide the best functional and aesthetic roles. For example, a cavity which is in the front of the tooth along the gum line and visible in your smile line. In the process of composites filling, we gently clean out the soft, discoloured area and rebuild it with a strong tooth-coloured filling. After the treatment, the tooth will look better than before.


When we ever have a single tooth broken we will think that there is there any option to preserve and get back. Now the modern dental material allows and helps you in getting back your teeth so that you will eat healthy and this is possible because it will rebuild teeth to full area and clean as much like a natural tooth. Sometimes teeth area damage due to most of the reasons like cavities, trauma, heavy bite force and due to wrong food. While teeth in this case will get cover properly with the dental crown to protect the teeth like some smaller fractures can be repaired with the help of onlay. In the process of the crown, the tooth needs preparation but in the case Onlays allow the unbroken area of the tooth to be uncut. The custom piece of porcelain is bonded to the damaged area.


Nowadays dentistry offers many options to help the patient to repair and maintain healthy teeth. There are so many things you can do for your teeth like strength and beauty you can avail by using dental cosmetic treatment. Our team of Affordable Dental Care uses the latest and advanced techniques and can change the damaged mouth like discoloured teeth to full health teeth.
Most of the time teeth are damaged due to cavities, wrong eating habits etc. If the root canal is a type of problem that occurs and is needed to salvage a compromised nerve, especially fragile. These Dental crown help the teeth to rebuild themselves and cover themselves from material that mimics nature. These are the most secure and comfortable services we have will provide results faster than any service.

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